As anti-plastic sentiment builds across Europe, Ilapak has developed a breakthrough flow wrapping solution for producing plastic-free fresh fruit and veg packs. Key to this breakthrough is a special coating, enabling reliable and glitch-free running of compostable and paper films through our flow wrappers.

“Consumers are increasingly eschewing plastic packaging, but from a producer perspective, finding an alternative that is cost effective and matches the performance of plastic films is not an easy challenge. In-depth machinery trials also have to be carried out on any new materials to ensure they can be run on equipment. Recognising that consumer resistance to plastic is a growing trend which our customers need to respond to, we have invested heavily in R&D in this area” says Christian Romualdi, marketing communications manager at ILAPAK.

“This has yielded a module that allows fresh fruit and veg to be wrapped in compostable or paper films with supporting cardboard trays - satisfying both retailer and consumer calls for biodegradable packaging” continues Christian.

Based on ILAPAK’s new Carrera 1500 flow wrapping platform, the new system features a special folding box that enables the flow wrapper to handle paper films and compostable films. 

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