'Mum-made' look sandwich bag solutions

ILAPAK anticipates plenty of interest in its flat-bottom bag module, which allows sandwich manufacturers to produce rustic looking paper film bags with a home-made feel, at a fraction of the cost of pre-made bags.

Making block-bottom bags out of thick packaging substrates is a challenge for VFFS machines, as the thickness of the film makes it difficult to create the folds. ILAPAK has overcome this challenge by equipping its VT 2000 OF with a sophisticated carousel with servo-driven mechanical cams. Running 120 micron thick paper films at speeds of approximately 30ppm, this flexible system gives manufacturers a cost-effective, automated alternative to expensive pre-made bags.

“We originally developed this technology in response to a request from a customer who wanted to switch from hand-filled pre-made sandwich bags to cheaper machine-made bags without losing the ‘mum-made’ look’. Now a growing number of sandwich producers are interested in this option”, explains Andrea Boccolini, Product Manager at ILAPAK.

The use of natural looking paper film (coupled with laminated film for parts in contact with product) is also a major trend in horizontal bagging.

ILAPAK’s Carrera machines are commonly employed to pack (with or without trays) fresh, short shelf life sandwiches. For a longer shelf life, ILAPAK’s Delta models can pack sandwiches in MAP with barrier films, paper films and laminated films; often these packs incorporate a clear front window for product visibility.

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