The Vision2000 uses advanced line scan camera technology to count and feed baked goods into the infeed of a VFFS machine at high speed. The system can also be supplied with a quality control module - an option that is proving increasingly popular with bakery customers. This module uses a powerful camera to screen the product flow for deformed or damaged products such as bent and broken baguettes by performing surface and length/width checks. ILAPAK has further advanced the Vision2000’s quality control capabilities, introducing integrated laser height detection as an option.

We are seeing increasing interest from our bakery customers in harnessing vision technology for quality control as they see that the benefits stretch beyond identifying out-of-spec product. Laser height detection, for example, acts as a quality control tool for upstream production, highlighting issues with products rising either too much or not enough, and has the potential to increase overall line efficiency by removing from the flow too-high products that could cause jams,” says Björn Brandt, product manager, counting and feeding solutions, at ILAPAK.

If required, the system can be equipped with an integrated metal detector, which can share a retractable reject system with the quality control module.

Key to the flexibility of the belt-based system is a powerful line scan camera, which can capture up to 2,000 images per second. The images are overlaid to produce a ‘real time’ picture of the product flow, and intelligent software processes this image to calculate when the target number per pack has been reached. Batches are separated via pneumatically controlled ‘fingers’.

Whilst there are competing systems on the marketplace, ILAPAK’s vision counter boasts one of the fastest available camera technology and a unique emphasis on hygiene and accessibility. Besides offering unrivalled build quality and cleanliness via the use of stainless steel and superior grade plastics, the latest generation Vision2000 is equipped with transparent sliding safety doors to facilitate access for cleaning and maintenance.

The Vision2000 offers complete flexibility in terms of product type, shape and size. It can accommodate fresh, par-baked, frozen and difficult-to-handle raw dough products, whether baguettes, pretzel sticks, rolls, bagels, donuts or croissants. 

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