For almost 50 years, IMA-Ilapak, with its wide range of flexible packaging solutions, has satisfied every form, fill and seal packaging requirement of the food, pharma, medical devices and wet wipes industries.

Besides flow wrap machines HFFS (Horizontal Form Fill and Seal) and vertical baggers VFFS (Vertical Form Fill and seal), our portfolio includes packaging machinery for modified atmosphere applications (MAP - Modified Atmosphere Packaging), product handling solutions, counting and weighing machines and complete, fully automated packaging lines.

Our aim is to be your best long-term partner for complete flexible packaging solutions, exceeding your expectations, providing you with added value equipment every day.

Ilapak’s purpose is to provide you with flexible packaging solutions tailored precisely to your needs, minimising cost per pack, by means of extremely reliable equipment and highly responsive service.

#weareIMAilapak – why?

#weareIMAilapak because we work together with you to deliver effective and efficient packaging solutions underpinned by outstanding service. We are 100% committed to supporting our customers at all times and at every stage in the purchasing process, from the initial meeting, through pre and post sales assistance, to the ongoing maintenance of your machine. Your problems are our challenges. Our customers count on us to think around issues and conceive solutions, and that is exactly what we do, involving you every step of the way, part of the team. Thanks to Ilapak’s continuous innovation, world-class customer service and industry application expertise, our 100% commitment adds real value to your business, every day. Which is why we are all Ilapak. 

International presence worldwide
Represented in more than 50 countries in the world by its own network of sales and service subsidiaries and a number of qualified agents, Ilapak is the point of reference in the packaging market. 

Industry expertise
Our industry managers are experts in their field. They will be at your complete disposal to provide the best possible packaging solution based on your needs. They know your industry inside-out thanks to a wealth of practical experience gained from years in the field. Combine this with technical know-how gleaned from almost 50 years of designing and building packaging systems, and you have a trusted partner with an unrivalled understanding of the peculiarities of your products, ideally placed to offer the best possible advice. 

Technology & solutions
Ilapak invests every year in research and development to guarantee its customers innovative, efficient and sustainable packaging solutions. Our development lead time is among the shortest in the industry. We offer a constant and continuous flow of cutting-edge technologies, focused on the needs of our customers and incubated in our centres of excellence located in Switzerland, Italy, USA, Germany and China. The epicentre of our R&D is IlaLab, an in-house laboratory in Lugano (CH), where customers' individual needs are analysed and a bespoke solution is proposed. 

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