ILAPAK has partnered several film suppliers to assist with the development of new compostable and recyclable materials that guarantee the same machinability and performance on VFSS baggers as conventional plastic films.

Andrea Boccolini, VFFS Division Product Manager at ILAPAK, explains:“Although sustainable polymer-based films are readily available, bagging machines often struggle to achieve a consistent pack seal due to the challenging characteristics inherent with compostable films.”

As well as assisting with film development, ILAPAK’s R&D department has engineered breakthrough heating techniques and a new sealing-jaw coating to successfully seal films that are compostable to the EN 13432 standard.

“We are proud to be able offer complete support and service to any customer wishing to explore the possibility of switching to a more environmentally friendly film. Besides making any necessary modifications to the bagger, we will work with customers to develop the most suitable material for their particular application.”

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