Delta EZ: you get more than you pay for

The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is often true when it comes to packaging equipment, but in the case of ILAPAK’s new Delta EZ MAP flow wrapper for tortillas and flatbreads, you get more than you pay for.

The ability to produce strong, hermetic seals that won’t leak is a must in these long shelf life applications. This usually goes hand in hand with a lofty price tag. Not any more. The affordable Delta EZ incorporates a sealing system that was developed by ILAPAK for its top-of-the-range Delta 6000 to give maximum seal integrity.

The flow wrapper’s sealing jaws deploy a combination of very high pressure and extended dwell time to produce  hermetically sealed packs with residual oxygen levels of below 2% - enabling small and medium-sized producers to confidently triple the shelf life of tortillas and flatbreads.

Come visit us at IBIE, booth 7537, to see the Delta EZ in action!

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