3 Side Seal Vertical

Three (3) side seal flat pouch also available with wide range of zipper reclosable features. The Three (3) Side Seal package is a pillow pack which offers you full panel graphics.

This packaging format is ideal for confectionery, cheese, powders, mixes, liquids, granulates or mixed products. Flat pouches are the perfect solution for efficient and economical packaging. The simplicity of the flat pouches ensures that minimal effort is required to package and seal these bags with the highest seal tightness than any other pack style. Flat pouches are commonly used for single serve purpose or pre-set portion packs. The main characteristic of this package is the possibility to be formed in vertical or horizontal lines. 

Delta 3000 R 3SS - for diary portioned cheese in pillow with gusseting and zipper

Ima Ilapak Delta 3000 R 3SS horizontal flow wrap packaging machine for diary portioned cheese in pillow with gusseting with zipper
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